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Although there is a lot of information about this, but site owners very often neglect this. On the one hand, in OpenCart, everything is there for that, and the attributes for the image are present in the templates. And “templates” necessarily take this into account.

But! Unfortunately, there is no complete control over these attributes, i.e. can not set its own value

The question arises, is this important?

Do you want more organic traffic? You can get it from the image search

It should be noted that the search engines index the attributes ALT and Title (correctly to say – they index the information in these attributes). Even if they are missing or do not contain information, then the indexing takes place around the surrounding text, but is the surrounding information always relevant, to what is on the product photo?

Here you do not get the only correct recommendations for filling in the attributes, here are just hints. Each product, each store is unique, and for each store there should be an individual approach to CEO

Agree that alt = “Photo” does not say anything at all about the product – that’s why the example is bad.

A more acceptable option is alt = “Product name” – this is what is implemented in the OC standard. Bad or good? I would say – mediocre. Those. information as it is, but as it were, no. Here is an example:
alt = “Canon 3D” – what is Canon you do not need to tell, but the fact that this is some device by attribute is unknown

alt = “Canon 3D Camera”

– better, better

alt = “Camera mirror Canon 3D”

If you try hard, you can improve the previous one:

alt = “Canon SLR camera 3D – body color black”


alt = “Canon SLR camera 3D – body color black – in the store Photographic accessories”

And you can also overdo it:

alt = “Mirror Canon 3D camera – buy a camera, a black camera”

It you need to be punished by the PS for overshooting, re-optimization?

Not less important is the presence of attributes in additional pictures. And you need to have advanced features here is an example
Mirror Canon 3D camera – rear view
Mirror Canon 3D camera – top view
Perhaps the example given and not correct – the user will not search for the phrase “Canon 3D camera – a top view”. But when viewing slides – you give an informative signature to the image

Why all this text? For whom is this written? So, what is next? Next – use the special module Custom Title and Alt for images (images) in the links and tag img

The module allows you to fill in the attribute values ​​yourself. In the case of a large number of products, the module can automatically generate values ​​according to the rules described by you.

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